Organic Dried Red Dates Powder,Red Jujube Powder

Product Details

Organic Dried Red Dates Powder,Red Jujube Powder

Product Name :

Jujube powder

Active Ingredient:



5:1, 10:1

Appearance :

Brown Fine Powder

Grade :

Medical Grade

Test Method:


Part of Used :


Product Description

Red jujube rich in protein, fat, sugar and carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P and calcium, phosphorus, iron and ring phosphoric acid adenosine nutrition ingredient and so on. One of vitamin C content is one of the in fruit, are vitamin king the laudatory name. 

Product features:

1.Natural, nutrition, health, including the rich dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and special special nutrients. 
2. Is the human diet composition, the food additives, don't set limit to use. 
3.Hrough the starch or protein structure modification technology, and can meet the solid, liquid, and solidState and so on the different status of process and product taste and so on many kinds of application features demand, given Products category differences and clear taste characters. 
4. Already cure, can ready-to-use, not hot not dry (in various different type material), can be directly add to ready-to-use food in type .

Nutritional value : 

Antitumor, oxidation, fall blood pressure, cholesterol, protect liver to protect liver, enhance immunity, prevention and cure cerebral blood deficiency, and preventing cardiovascular disease, prevention osteoporosis and anemia, jujube contains and ginseng contained in the equivalent of manasseh type of silane saponins, can strengthen human endurance and anti-fatigue effect. Big jujube on the women's beauty to raise colour and menopause hot flashed sweating, moody also have transfers and control function. 

1.This material plays as sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, lowering the body temperature.

2.Modern medical research showed that it had the continued and significantly effects of reducing blood pressure.

3.Its also conspicuous to myocardial ischemia, regulating blood lipids, improving the coronary atherosclerosis and arrhythmia.

4.Moreover,as it can improve immunity, it s used as the assistance of chronic hepatitis and cancer.

5.Its effects indicate that it s beneficial to clear off the pathogeny and  improve the immunity.

6.In clinic,its used for calm, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, improving the quality of sleep,used as cardiovascular diseases assistant therapy.

7. It can help for a good sleep and clam.

8.  It works as anti cancer agent in liver cancer.

9. It has antioxidant benefit, antimicrobial benefits.

10. It is for the treatment of chronic idiopathic constipation: a controlled clinical trial.

11.  It can help expand blood vessel, improve nutriture, enhance myocardial contractile force.

12. It is a natural skin care and cosmetology tonics.



Fall blood pressure


Protect liver

Enhance immunity

Prevention and cure cerebral blood deficiency

Preventing cardiovascular disease

Prevention osteoporosis and anemia

Big jujube on the women's beauty to raise colour 

Menopause hot flashed sweating etc

Product name

Red Date puree powder


Red brown fine powder


Red Jujube odor


Easy to dissolve in warm water, soluble completely, 

few turbidity and subside is acceptable 



Particle size 

95% through 80 mesh

Heavy metal





Pesticides residue






Total Aerobic




E. coli 




Staphylococcus aureus




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