The Function Of Resveratrol For Human Body

In 1993, the ministry of health in China has to mulberry fruit "both food and medicine" list.
As a kind of functional ingredients of mulberry wine, the effect of resveratrol, mainly for its antioxidant properties.In particular, resveratrol has the following important role to the human body:


1, antibacterial effect research shows that the mulberry mulberry by downy mildew after infection, are near necrosis fruit and not under the site of infection, the content of resveratrol is very high, can effectively inhibit the necrotic area expansion.

2, anticancer, anti mutagenic effect in January 1997, the United States at the university of Chicago, Illinois college of pharmacy JohnPezzuto the research team led by professor in a famous << science >> magazine in the United States, published papers about resveratrol antitumor activity, cause sensation of medical science.Papers to prove that resveratrol can effectively restrain the process related with cancer cell activity, that is to say, at the start of a cancer, to improve and extend three major stages, resveratrol has anti-cancer activity, and all three stages of cancer.A few years ago, the researchers found that resveratrol can prevent cancer and malicious spread at the same time, also can prevent cell inflammatory arthritis and other diseases.


3, anti-aging, anti-fatigue effects in 2003 Harvard University professor Sinclair research suggests that resveratrol could be the key to the development of anti-aging medicine.Recent about simple organisms life experiment studied the resveratrol and calorie prolong life both common mechanism.In addition, resveratrol also has the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, antioxidant, eliminate the antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

The research paper also points out that in mulberry, peanuts, grapes, giant knotweed, such as plants, found that resveratrol.On this basis, the study of cancer experts have to come up with new Suggestions: cancer eat mulberry, grapes and other food containing resveratrol.And think, usually of mulberry wine and wine drinking generally can achieve effective dose of resveratrol.