Plant Extracts Industry Overview

One.An overview of plant extracts

Plant extracts are plant as raw materials, in accordance with the need to extract the use of the product, through physical and chemical extraction and separation process, and concentration in plant directed to obtain one or more effective components and does not change its effective component structure, finally formed products. In accordance with the composition of different plant extracts can be divided into glycosides, acid, polyphenol, polysaccharide, flavonoids, terpenoids, alkaloids and other categories; according to different product characteristics, can be divided into vegetable oil, extract, powder, and other types of lens.A variety of plant extracts, has now entered the industrial extraction has reached more than 300, it is a kind of important intermediate products, wide application field, which can be used for pharmaceutical raw materials, but also can be used for health care products, nutritional supplements, food additives, industries.

Two, plant extract industry development process

At the beginning of 1980s, the basic completion of industrialization in Europe and other developed countries set off the trend of returning to nature, people have the side effects of chemical synthesis products attention and rejection increased gradually, on the natural and safe plant extracts with regression, highly respected, the industry should be potential rise. In 1994, the United States promulgated the dietary supplement health and Education Act, officially recognized as a food supplement to accept plant extracts, plant extracts industry developed rapidly. China has a long history of traditional Chinese medicine, medical staff since ancient times to pay attention to plant characteristics, drug analysis. To 1970s, some domestic pharmaceutical plants began to use mechanical equipment to extract plant components, but only as a pharmaceutical manufacturing link, has not developed into an independent industry. After the mid 90s, with the deepening of opening up, foreign trade began to flourish, less constrained by the policy of plant extract industry began to develop.Since twenty-first Century, the plant extract industry has entered a golden period. To enhance the improvement of living standards on the one hand, the source and health awareness to the people of the strong demand of plant extracts products; on the other hand, benefit from the more advanced plant extraction techniques (such as enzymatic extraction, ultrasonic extraction, supercritical extraction, microwave extraction, membrane separation technology) application has greatly improved production efficiency.

Three, the status quo of the industry

At present, the plant extract industry in China is still in the growth stage, industry concentration is not high, the majority of small-scale enterprises, the lack of talent and technology, process equipment is poor, weak competitiveness, national quality standard system is not perfect.

Two) industry trends inevitable

A. product categories continue to enrich: human research on plants and the human body will continue to deepen, new human needs of plant ingredients will continue to be found.

B. new technology, new technology development: advanced extraction process and equipment can not only greatly improve the quality of extract products, but also improve the utilization of raw materials, reduce waste of raw materials, reduce production costs.

C. industry quality system gradually establish a sound: the State Food and drug administration has taken a series of measures, and strengthen the supervision of the plant extract industry, the national level of quality standards is expected to introduce.

D. industry concentration gradually increased with the industry regulatory sound, consumer quality requirements increase, the backward production equipment, products of poor quality of the enterprises in the future will be eliminated or reorganized. Some enterprises with advanced technology, financial strength, good reputation will grow, talent shows itself, industry concentration will gradually increase.