Horse Chestnut Extract(Suo Luo Zi), Semen Aesculi,organic Escin, Aescin 20%-98%

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Product Name :

Horse Chestnut Extract(Suo Luo Zi), Semen Aesculi,organic Escin, Aescin 20%-98%

Botanical Source: 

Aesculus hippocastanum L.


20%-98% Aescin

Appearance : 

Brown yellow Powder

Mesh size : 

80 Mesh

Test Method: 


Part of Used :


Horse chestnut trees originated in northern India, the Caucasus, and northern Greece but have long been grown throughout Europe.Relatives in the same genus grow in the United States as California buckeye (A. californica) and Ohio buckeye (A. glabra). The seeds of these plants are toxic, howeverHorse chestnut bark and leaves, as well as a standardized extract of the seed, are used in Europe.

Horse chestnut seed extract is adopted to treat cold stomach with episodic pain,fullness in epigastric region,infantile malnutrition and episodic pain,malaria and dysentery.

1. Considered a valuable aid in treating varicose veins.

2. It inhibits the enzyme hyaluronidase and makes veins less permeable and less fragile.

3. Improve the tone of veins and increase the flow of blood through them

4. Used to treat diarrhea and hemorrhoids in folk medicine.

5. Traditional uses for the tea also included arthritis and rheumatic pain and coughs.

1.It has efficacy of antiinflammation and detumescence; used to cure blood circulation disorder and rheumatism;

3.It used in cosmetic products, as it has efficacy of Inflammatory skin resistance.

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Physical Property


Brown Yellow Powder





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