Organic Instant Oolong Tea Extract Powder

Product Details

Organic Instant Oolong Tea Extract Powder

Product Name :Organic Instant Oolong Tea Extract Powder

Botanical Source: 

Oolong Tea



Appearance : 

Yellow Brown fine powder

Mesh size : 

80 Mesh

Test Method: 


Part of Used :


Ginseng Oolong tea is a mixture of fine Oolong tea and quality Ginseng. when you take your first sip you will be able to taste the flavorful mix of the sweetness of the Oolong tea as well as the slight tartness of Ginseng.

 Ginseng Oolong tea is made with both Oolong tea and Ginseng and has a floral orchid-like aroma and a lingering sweetness which is attributed to the Oolong tea. The aroma you get from a cup of Ginseng Oolong tea is very fragrant as the notes of the Oolong tea are very prevalent, and the color of this tea is golden brown.

From the Oolong part of the Ginseng Oolong tea you will receive health benefits. Health benefits you can receive from drinking Ginseng Oolong tea include lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, stopping the growth of certain cancerous tumors, boosting the immune system, preventing heart disease, enhancing physical and mental endurance, and strengthening the body against fatigue and stress.

Good instant property:This product can be dissolved in hot water, warm water, or cold water completely within 30s.

Strong health care The main effective component of tea are retained during being processed.

Excellent original taste:The soup shows clear, green and bright, you will taste fresh and brisk, smell strong fragrance.

Convenient drinking:This product can be drunk alone, also can be drunk with other flavoring agents

This product can be extensively used in tea foods like health products, tea beverage,milk tea, ice cream, tea bread and tea cake products to intensify nutrition and health-care efficacies and to endue kinds of food special tea flavor.

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