Salvia Miltiorrhiza Root Extract Salvianolic Acid B Tanshinone 5% 10%

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Product Name :

Salvia Miltiorrhiza root Extract Tanshinone 5% 10%, Salvia Miltiorrhiza Extract Salvianolic Acid B

Botanical Source:

Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge.


5% Tanshinone

Appearance :

Red brown fine powder

Mesh size :

80 Mesh

Test Method:


Part of Used :


Salvia miltiorrhiza is a traditional chinese medicine also known as DanShen. Salviae Miltiorrhizae Extract has been widely used in China and, to a lesser extent, in Japan, the United States, and other European countries for the treatment of cardiovascular andcerebrovascular diseases. In China, the specific clinical use is angina pectoris, hyperlipidemia, and acute ischemic stroke.A patented Chinese herbal medicine including tanshinones iia has successfully completed Phase II clinical trials in the United States and will soon begin Phase III investigations, raising the possibility that could become thefirst Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) product to obtain drug approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The medicine contains the tanshinone iia as well as extract of the root of notoginseng (Panax notoginseng; known as sanchi or tien chi ginseng), and synthetic borneol, an active ingredient that replaces the more expensive natural borneol found in cardamom, ginger, and other spices.


1. Remove blood stasis and relieve pain
2. Promote the flow of blood and stimulate menstrual discharge
3. Expand blood vessels, increase coronary blood flow and reduce blood pressure
4. Tranquilize and ease pain
5. Remove the acne and comedo
6. Antioxidant
7. Quench free-radicals and anti-aging function


1. As pharmaceutical raw materials for clearing heat, anti-inflammation, detumescence and so on, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field.

2. As the raw material of product for benefiting stomach, increasing energy and boosting the immunity, widely used in health industry.










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